Driven by the belief that a life well lived means surrounding yourself with beauty and soul, we source one-of-a-kind candles and candle accessories.

Join our community!

We invite a curated group of candle makers to sell their craft on our platform Kaars Online.

We believe in a joined and shared community. This means that we will provide a high end platform for your products and that we will do everything – market wise – to sell your products to customers in the Netherlands.

However, since we are a start-up ourselves we will need to do this together. We are not able to pre-finance a massive amount of candle stock.

If we see a fit with our collection, we will start with a 3-month trial period where we will sell your products in consignment.

Please apply below and discover what we can do for your business.

Given the high amount of applications we receive please note that we’ll only get in touch with you if we see a fit with your collection.